From 11/July/2011 to 2/December/2012

"Bringing back the art of beautifully hand crafted clothing, British label Nadinoo has created a whimsical, enchanted world. With the belief that each customer should be able to find the perfect garment. With each piece carefully constructed by hand or made to order, Nadinoo is able to offer an impeccable personalised service. Only the most sumptuous fabrics are used, with silks and cottons from Liberty of London heavily featuring in each collection.
Nadinoo is a cute, pretty and playful label for the modern lady who still treasures styling and stories of the past. Soft detailing and feminine designs, with timeless silhouettes are clear from her collections."

During these 5 months, I contributed to the preparation and production of the Spring Summer 2011 and Autumn Winter 2011/12 collections. I was in charge of cutting the fabric and preparing the garments for batch production. I've gained a lot of knowledge in terms of patterns and the correct way of cutting the fabric. This stage is essential because it's important to use the fabric to the fullest in order to get the largest number of pieces.
I've managed to improve my level of English, as the English industry terminology was quite challenging for me, at that time.
I was also doing research and design development, creating press releases, designing boards for the future collections, shipping orders and creating self-fabric lined buttons for the garments.

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